A Measure I Must Take

A hunger strike to many, is the ultimate stupidity. Because of the hunger strike, I have not really had time to feel like typing, and it felt pretty shit. However, let me weigh up my personal beliefs on the subject.

Basically I currently live in a Yooralla group home, although my personal freedoms should be of my own choosing. I do not wish to stay here, because of the lack of my control and choice; I have no agency here.

I ask that you will acknowledge the hard work I put in for achieving academic excellence while I lived on my own with Friedreich’s Ataxia. My desire to maintain some form of independence was spurred on by something I read in the early 1980s, stating that for those with Friedreich’s Ataxia, mental retardation will set in with a lack of independence; this is something that sent chills down my spine. Whilst the term ‘mental retardation’ is out of date, today unfortunately, I can be a part of and view such things happening to me, from a pragmatic point of view. So, this is a measure I must take.

Yesterday I started my hunger strike. This is my choice, and I will continue to stand firm, until something changes. I am currently in a lot of pain, but I believe it will be beneficial for the future, particularly for those with high support needs.

Special thanks to Christina Irugalbandara, my brilliant academic support worker.

Author: petergibilisco

Researcher, author and advocate. Bachelor of Business Accounting, PhD from Melbourne University. Dealing with issues involving disability.

2 thoughts on “A Measure I Must Take”

  1. Such extreme measure Peter for you to take. Do you have an Advocate for yourself? What and where would be more suitable than where you are now? I find it so disturbing that you find yourself having to resort to this to be heard,so sorry.


  2. peter my wish is that will not have to endue anymore pain and you get what you deserve without any more injustice but with dignity we (I) take for granted.


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