An Open Letter to the NDIS

I want to know how come I haven’t been contacted by a NDIS planner yet. I am becoming very blind, and you don’t know or understand how difficult it is for me, and how much worse it is becoming.

Am I supposed to just sit here and do nothing but accept the very minimal time I have been allocated the academic supports in order to voice my thoughts? Am I supposed to just sit here and do nothing but accept the inadequate care that I’m given by my disability support provider?

This place is phenomenally having negative side effects on my physiology; it is worsening everyday. For instance, today my vision is so blurred, and thus I’m under extreme pressure to type, what would be considered the most basic of emails. Please, my intelligence needs synergistic human help, that can only be provided through 1:1 support; this is not what is given in shared supported accommodation.

To anyone with a heart, with some compassion, patience and empathy: I really need out. The lifestyle that I am forced to live is very inappropriate under medical and social practices.

Author: petergibilisco

Researcher, author and advocate. Bachelor of Business Accounting, PhD from Melbourne University. Dealing with issues involving disability.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the NDIS”

  1. Hi Peter, I hope that you remember me from our years of irregular email contact. I fully understand your dilemma and medical and physical condition although I am lucky in comparison because I am not in a shared accommodation and I do receive some NDIS one on one support. In fact, my support worker Karen is typing this for me.
    I also fully empathise with the lack of accountability and duty of care displayed by the government agencies that should be there to look after us. I am on NDIS, but in many ways, they show less regard for us than the other non-disabled people in the community. I have been trying unsuccessfully to move into SDA approved accommodation and I have been rejected twice for stupid reasons. I will send you an email detailing this. In the meantime, if you can, please let me know if there is any way that I can be there for you, as us FA ers need to stick together.

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