Book Review

My good friend Susan Prior has written a thoughtful book review for my book, 6 & 1/2 Years on a Dunghill: Life in Specialist Disability Accommodation. It is as follows:

This book is about someone with amazing perseverance and intellect. The author dispassionately scrutinises the situation in which he finds himself. In this book you feel his frustration and pain as he critically discusses being disenfranchised by the system that is meant to care for our disabled citizens. This book gives an insight into the true grit of the author and his selfless willingness to take up the fight for the benefit of others who find themselves without a voice.

I can recommend this book to anyone with an interest in our disability care sector. You will be reconsidering how society treats our disabled citizens once you have read it.

Thank you, Susan!

Susan Prior provides writing, editing and proofreading services. Check out her website.

I encourage everyone who has read my book to also leave a review if you can. You may do so on Googlebooks, Amazon, Foyle, Fishpond or even as a comment on my blogpost.

Author: petergibilisco

Researcher, author and advocate. Bachelor of Business Accounting, PhD from Melbourne University. Dealing with issues involving disability.

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